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Recording Engineer

Job Title: Recording Engineer
Our Client: New Leader of IP Investment.
Country: United States
Location: Beverly Hills, CA 90210
Specialisation: IT & Technology
Salary: $50,000-$100,000
Job Reference: 5262
Contact Person: Rich CHO Managing Director
Contact Email:
Job Published: 2024-03-26


Recording Engineer

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Job Description

  • -Recording Sessions:
  • -Operate recording equipment during studio sessions, skillfully capturing vocals and instrumental
  • performances with precision and creativity.
  • -Audio Engineering:
  • -Utilize a variety of recording techniques and technologies to achieve optimal sound quality and clarity
  • in vocal and music recordings.
  • -Mixing and Editing:
  • -Mix and edit recorded tracks to enhance sound quality, balance elements, and create a cohesive and
  • polished final product.
  • -Collaboration:
  • -Collaborate closely with artists, producers, and other team members to comprehend artistic visions and
  • technical requirements for each project.
  • -Technical Setup:
  • -Set up and maintain recording equipment, ensuring all gear is in proper working condition and ready
  • for each recording session.
  • -Troubleshooting:
  • -Identify and resolve technical issues during recording sessions, ensuring a smooth workflow, and
  • minimizing disruptions.
  • -Quality Control:
  • -Implement stringent quality control measures to ensure the final recordings meet industry standards
  • and project objectives.
  • -Innovation:
  • -Stay informed about advancements in recording technology and techniques, contributing innovative
  • ideas to enhance the overall production process.
  • -Collaborative Environment:
  • -Foster a positive and collaborative studio environment that encourages creativity, experimentation, and
  • open communication.


  • -Bachelor's degree in Audio Engineering, Music Production, or a related field.
  • -Proven experience as a Recording Engineer, preferably in a professional studio environment.
  • -Proficiency in using recording software, hardware, and other audio engineering tools.
  • -Strong understanding of music production techniques and industry trends.
  • -Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work closely with artists and team
  • members.
  • -Attention to detail and a keen ear for audio quality.
  • -Ability to adapt to various musical genres and production styles.
  • -Problem-solving skills and the ability to work efficiently under pressure.

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Apply online or feel free to contact us directly for more information about the opportunity. Due to the high volume of applicant, we regret to inform that only shortlisted candidates will be notified. Thank you for your understanding.

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