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Cesna Recruitment was incorporated in Seoul in 1999 and founded its first international branch in New York, United States in 2003. Since then, we have helped over 4,000 companies shape the global industry landscape, and have expanded to business offices in San Jose, New Jersey, Dallas, Washington DC, Shanghai, and Singapore.

As a client-centric consultancy, our business model is based on the needs of our clients and the feedback they have offered us over the years. With the resources of global scale and the capability of local strength, our reach extends throughout North and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific region. Our company recognizes the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit and uniqueness for the success of a company in a competitive new market. We find leaders for our clients who are just as individual and motivated as they are. Our clients are always our top priority, and we guarantee the superior service that they expect and deserve.

Our expert consultants each focus on individual designated industries and occupations. Such specialization allows our consultants to become deeply familiar with the dynamics and intricacies of their sector and to develop comprehensive social networks within that sector. Our services have been recognized for our impressive in-house research competence, the speed and flexibility of our response, as well as our high success rates in discovering qualified talents for executives and managerial positions.

We connect Talented Professionals

Cesna Recruitment is continually expanding our global business network scale to diverse positions in diverse industries around the world, thereby giving rise to new and valuable connections between talented professionals and corporations. Moreover, the extensive knowledge we have accumulated through our experience in both local and worldwide markets is invaluable, allowing us to become a country-specific recruitment leader with the resources, network, and knowledge of an international firm. We pride ourselves in the long-term satisfaction of our clients and the confidence they have in us, and Cesna Recruitment will continue to work with global partners to bring fruitful and effective results to our clients.

Teams and 12 Market Coverage Areas

Cesna Group’s organizational structure is divided into 12 market coverage areas which enable us to hone our recruitment services based on the specific characteristics of our clients’ industries.

This organization structure also allows our recruitment consultants to develop a refined and complex market understanding in order to better propose suitable candidates for the right job openings of our clients.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We had made for our Global Charity Day such a great success with our USA and China Team. Setting out from the Palisades Interstate Park and Century Park, our teams collected wastes along paths with in total 20 bags filled with rubbish. Thank you for our people actively get involved in this campaign and are passionated in giving back to our local communities.

Making a difference in our local communities
we Actively support sports-related sponsorship

Shanghai Emerald FC Football

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