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Utility Maintenance Manager  (Closed)

Job Title: Utility Maintenance Manager  (Closed)
Our Client: A Leading Energy and Battery Solution Company
Country: United States
Location: Kokomo, IN
Specialisation: Manufacturing & Engineering
Salary: $100,000-$200,000
Job Reference: 4702
Contact Person: Brandon K. PARK Senior Director
Contact Email:
Job Published: 2023-05-20


Utility Maintenance Manager

About Our Client

Job Summary

Managing utility department, attendance of subordinates and workforce, quality of UT manufacturing/supply and cutting down

Job Description

  • Manage overall utilities as a person in charge of utility operation.
  • Fixed working hours. Arrive on time at office. Overtime work from time to time.
  • Check manufacturing line and take necessary measures immediately in case of issue caused by
  • UT equipment failure in order to normalize the line as soon as possible.
  • ㆍManage attendance of organizational members and encourage them to have better work
  • performances.
  • ㆍDevelop and carry out education plan to enhance work capabilities of the members.
  • ㆍImmediately report to boss and sojourning in case of issues regarding attendance of the members
  • or other HR-related issues.
  • ㆍRun, inspect, repair UT equipment and carry out preventive maintenance to ensure that
  • the equipment is under normal operation.
  • ㆍManage quality of UT supply to meet the requirements of manufacturing site.
  • ㆍAnalyze root cause in case of issues and find out solution for improvement.
  • ㆍManage load of each UT equipment to ensure there is no equipment failure caused by overload.
  • ㆍDevelop and carry out periodic inspection plan to ensure that the equipment is under normal
  • operation.
  • ㆍProperly store and periodically replace consumable parts of the equipment
  • ㆍRun UT equipment in accordance with standards and manage it with operation system used in
  • corporate.
  • ㆍComply with standards while reporting impractical ones to boss and sojourning employees for
  • continuous revision and improvement.
  • ㆍReview maintenance-related document that are required to run and
  • manage UT equipment Keep the documents up to date.
  • ㆍImmediately report UT supply issue to boss and sojourning employees to fix it as soon as possible.
  • ㆍTake necessary repair and preventive works in case of UT equipment failure.
  • ㆍRun proper UT equipment to avoid unnecessary use of power and continuously find ways to
  • save energy.
  • ㆍReview and respond to requirements of manufacturing site regarding UT supply.
  • ㆍPeriodically report to boss and sojourning employees.
  • ㆍCollect documents, and review, find out issues and improve drawing of UT equipment in case of
  • new, additional installation and uninstallation.
  • ㆍOversee new/additional installation of UT equipment to ensure that there is no problem.
  • ㆍCheck quality of equipment installation, find out and fix problems during installation.
  • ㆍManage CAD file and drawing regarding new/additional installation of UT equipment.
  • ㆍUpdate CAD file whenever there is a change at manufacturing site.
  • ㆍWrite and manage annual budget for department operation.
  • ㆍContact supplier to get material and service required for UT department.
  • ㆍShare report and education material with boss and other departments.
  • ㆍProvide right registry data and reports, and perverse certificates.
  • ㆍOther works ordered by boss that require same level of technologies and competencies as main
  • duties.
  • ㆍCommand, support, supervise subordinates and encourage them to have better work performances.
  • ㆍOrganize and take over works to make them persistent.
  • ㆍComply with essential registration and permission.
  • ㆍKeep track of working hours of subordinates and oversee their work to make sure they are
  • on the right track.
  • ㆍEnsure information exchange.
  • ㆍDiscover talented employees and mentor them
  • ㆍFind out and carry tasks based on Quality Management System and give feedback.
  • ㆍKeep job description up to date.
  • ㆍGuide and motivate subordinates to have better performances.
  • ㆍKeep track of subordinates’ capabilities for their better performances.
  • ㆍAll employee shall follow regulations and procedures regarding work, fire, and environmental safety.
  • ㆍAll employee shall keep their working areas clean, follow safety rules and make proper use of
  • personal protective equipment.
  • ㆍAll employee shall take necessary medical checkup to maintain good health status for good work
  • performance.
  • ㆍAll employee shall comply with requirements and regulation of Quality Management System.
  • ㆍAll employee shall follow orders regarding quality and technology when working.


  • ㆍBachelor’s Degree in engineering (required)
  • ㆍ3-years work experience in power maintenance.
  • ㆍKorean preferred

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